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For nearly 20 years, LeapFrog Solutions has delivered proven communications solutions that transform mindsets and motivate action. As a woman-owned small business, we foster a tight-knit and collaborative working environment that's well-versed in the complexities of the government sector. Armed with this expertise, we equip you with the communication strategies necessary to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

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    From internal and external marketing efforts to branding initiatives, we combine strategy and execution with solid program management to connect you with your audiences.

  • Experts in Government

    Government communications present unique challenges. We have the expertise to cut through the complexity and fast-track results at the federal, state, and local levels.

  • Woman-Owned Small Business

    An established woman-owned small business, we provide you the best of both worlds — personal attention to your projects, plus the scale and capabilities of a larger firm.


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Executive Leadership Series

The Executive Leadership Series (ELS) is a succession of open forums designed to share ideas on strategic communications through short, powerful talks. Delivered in a conversational-style format, ELS brings together influencers and decision makers to spark meaningful conversations and drive future actions. Leveraging innovative ideas and techniques, this series provides both government and business leaders with information they can use to propel their organizations to the next level of success.